Computex Taipei 2016 Close


Computex Taipei 2016 , the technology feast in ICT field, get closed successfully on June 4th, 2016. As one of the witness and attenders, ACE Time gains quite much. It is fairly hot on our booth. We receive many visitors who are interested in our products. In the conversation with them, we know much more about the clients’ needs. Meantime, we find some high quality potential clients; Besides, all kinds of edge-cutting technology and new products pervade the whole of the exhibition. It not only shows us the latest status inside the field, but also lead the direction of product developing in the future. What’s more, we conduct a deep&friendly communication with our controller supplier, SMI. Whereby, the relationship between two side is pushed closer, the cooperation is deepened far and the mutual support is expanded further. Although the exhibition last short, it is quite fruitful.